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Reports and surveys

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NASP have today published the results of a survey on DVSA proposals to introduce enhanced performance measurements for ADIs. Back in June we asked members to give us their views on a number of proposals designed to target and develop underperforming ADIs whilst at the same time seeking ways of introducing a enhanced recognition scheme for high performing trainers. Read the full survey report.

Survey findings published on ADI performance measurement proposals

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In October 2015 the Department for Transport launched a consultation on Motoring Services in the UK, seeking feedback on both the quality of those services and also a range of proposals to develop and improve services. Download NASP's response to the consultation.

Response to the Motoring Services Consultation

The latest meeting of NASP and DVSA took place on 7th December in Nottingham. You can download the full report here.

NASP Latest Meeting Report - November 2016

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A public consultation has been launched to evaluate allowing learners onto motorways in order to develop their skills and experience in the crucial pre test period. Visit the official DVSA consultation pages by clicking the button below to give your feedback. NASP are also currently running a separate

survey on training on motorways - please take a few minutes to give us your feedback.

You can access the NASP survey by clicking the link here.

Respond to the public consultation on Learners on motorways

Respond to consultation

NASP Latest Meeting Report - March 2017

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Please click here for a full report of the March 2017 NASP meeting

NASP Latest Meeting Report - May 2017

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Please click here for a full report of the May 2017 NASP meeting

Latest NASP Meeting Report - September 2017

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NASP  held their latest meeting in Manchester  - download the report to see the key items under discussion.

Latest NASP Meeting Report - November 2017

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Download the report to see the key items under discussion.